The project

  • Location Bologna - Italy
  • Date 2012
  • Studio Open Project

The Unipol tower, the headquarters of Unipol  Financial Group in Bologna, is the first skyscraper in Bologna that is over 100 meters high and boasts leadership in being the highest tower in the Emilia Romagna: 125 meters high, 25 operations floors, 3 floors of representation with hanging gardens, a triple-height entrance hall and 3 basement floors.


Photo credits: Paolo Lorenzi

Unipol Towers of Bologna: Photo 1

Product used

On each of the 33 floors, including the entrance hall and basement, the main building of Unipol Tower has been cladded with 10,000 square meters of Kerlite, 100x100cm format. The great quantity of natural light  permitted the designers to choose the colour “Road” from the OVER collection – an elegant reference to cementitious resins, in this case black. For the interior of the bathrooms the grey Office slabs were chosen, another colour from the Over series, this time rectangular, thus creating the illusion of slightly expanding spaces.

Unipol Towers of Bologna: Photo 3
over---road over---road


The sizes:

  • 39"x39"
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over---office over---office


The sizes:

  • 19 1/2"x39"
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Unipol Towers of Bologna: Photo 42
Ceramic Architecture
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