The project

  • Location Milano
  • Date 2019
  • Studio Paolo Agliardi e Gaia Tornabene

A three-storey villa in perfect harmony with the surrounding area, at the very centre of a Milanese garden, with an interplay of empty and full spaces, conveying a sense of lightness and airiness. A private residence designed by Paolo Agliardi with the collaboration of the architect Gaia Tornabene, who, in the choice of materials, also thought about the practicality and the future of the building, thus paying special attention to the maintenance of the buildings and their colour, inspired by the cycle of the seasons, the brightness of the context, the inclusion in the green of the perennial vegetation and in the colour of the seasonal blooms.

Private House Milan: Photo 1

Product used

The material adopted as the “skin” of this villa is the Over line in 3.5 mm, with the Kerlite 3Plus technology of Cotto d’Este, a choice motivated particularly by the desire to not affect the surrounding landscape.

Even the selected colour, Road, dark and natural, does not impact at all on the surrounding territory. Over is a line created specifically for new architectural surfaces, whose inspiration originates from industrial concrete environments, reinterpreted through a ceramic product of considerable quality, not only for its material composition and processing, but also for its technology of excellence, which guarantees outstanding aesthetic and technical performance. Therefore, naturalness and technology are perfectly intertwined in this elegant, non-invasive and deeply modern building.

Private House Milan: Photo 3
over---road over---road


The sizes:

  • 39"x118"
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