Maintenance and Cleaning

Daily cleaning

How to clean porcelain stoneware


Use warm water and a good quality microfibre cloth, such as CPMAGICCLEAN by Cpsystems. Every now and again, e.g. every 10-20 days depending on the state of the flooring, use neutral detergents diluted with hot water, that are wax-free, and do not deposit glossy films. When the cleaning process in finished always rinse with water, using a second good quality microfibre cloth.


What to use


Wax-free neutral detergent. DO NOT use alcohol, acids, solvents, abrasive detergents, steel wool or scouring pads.




Diluted with plenty of hot water. Rinse thoroughly after washing. For all operations (washing, rinsing and drying), use good quality microfibre cloths.


List of detergents


  • Floor Cleaner (Faberchimica)
  • Fila Cleaner (Fila)
  • Pflegereiniger (Lithofin)
  • Bel Gres (Geal)
  • CPMain Plus - do not use for cleaning decors (CPSystems)

Follow the instructions given on the package. Test the product before actual use. This applies in particular to honed or polished products.


If daily cleaning has been done using unsuitable detergents.


What do you see:


  • Opaque haze visible. The floor is glossier than the spare pieces that have not been installed.
  • Opaque haze visible when in contact with various types of liquid.
  • Footprint marks. 


What can be done:


Use a detergent such as Tile Cleaner made by Faberchimica or CPDecon made by CPSystems. Use product undiluted and let it act for 5 to 10 minutes. Then rub with a white pad, rinse thoroughly with water, soak up any remaining rinsing liquid with a wet vacuum cleaner or a cloth and finally dry with a good quality microfibre cloth, such as MAGICCLEAN by CPSystems.


Download - Maintenance and cleaning

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