Gres 14mm

Extra thick porcelain stoneware


Only long cooking times, over twice the average for 10 mm stoneware, and a temperature of 1230° C enable Cotto d’Este’s extra-thick porcelain stoneware tiles to be 3 times more resistant than traditional tiles and to maintain the beauty of their surfaces intact over time.

In addition, to ensure the perfect compacting of the raw material, the mixture is pressed 3 times in sequence at a maximum force of 6200 tons. For these reasons Cotto d’Este 14 mm stoneware tiles have a tensile strength of 620 kg compared with the 200 kg of traditional 10 mm stoneware.


3 times more resistant to breaking load
14 mm thick porcelain stoneware withstands a load of 620 kg, as compared to the 200 kg of traditional 10 mm thick porcelain stoneware.

Guaranteed up to 20 years
Resistant the wear due to foot traffic and frost, thanks to a unique manufacturing process.

Resistant to the toughest stains, does not absorb
Thanks to its lengthy firing cycle, at 1230°C, the surface is perfectly vitrified and impermeable to stains, which do not penetrate into the body of the tile.

Resistant to dirt
Thanks to the unique nature of the surface finishes, enhanced by the application of special or crystalline non-stick glazes.

Easy to clean
Can be cleaned simply with water.

24 hours a day antibacterial protection
Thanks to Protect antibacterial technology, 99.9% of germs and bacteria are eliminated.

The purest raw materials and most beautiful colours
The raw materials are carefully selected and coloured throughout the body of the porcelain stoneware. The pigments of the coloured oxides, the inks, and the glazes react in a unique way, being subjected to a firing time that is more than twice that of traditional 10 mm thick stoneware. Ranges of colour that are always coordinated with the Kerlite cladding products.

Surfaces with a unique brightness and a soft texture
Honed surfaces obtained using grinders and brushes specially designed by our research laboratories. Surface colours with a tone that always matches the colour of the body of the porcelain stoneware.

Large sizes
A complete range of large formats: 90x90 cm, 120x60 cm, 75x75 cm.

Extraordinarily flat
Thanks to the 14 mm thickness and slow firing process. It makes a staggered layout of rectangular formats possible.

Minimal joint width
The precision of our rectification tools is far superior to that required by international quality standards.

The most durable cladding material in the world
Cotto d’Este’s 14 mm porcelain stoneware is guaranteed for up to 20 years but lasts much longer: as long as the building in which it is installed, longer than any other cladding material.

Reduced energy consumption and reduced co2 emissions
When compared to most other cladding materials (wood, natural stone, cork), the manufacture of porcelain stoneware consumes less energy. For this reason, thanks also to modern systems and to its extreme durability, our porcelain stoneware emits less CO2 per square meter of product.

Protecting water resources
Our systems recycle 100% of the water used in the manufacturing process. This reduces our consumption of natural water resources by up to 80%.

Recycled material content
>Always adhering to Cotto d’Este’s extremely high aesthetic and qualitative standards, we safeguard natural resources with environmentally friendly products that contain at least 40% recycled raw materials.

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