Raised flooring is the perfect solution for work spaces like offices and stores.

The raised-base structure makes it possible to have, under the floor itself, a continuous space in which to arrange electrical and telephone wires, alarms, cables, and piping.

This solution makes it incredibly easy to carry out inspections and maintenance on these systems, with the utmost freedom in the interior design phase thanks to surfaces that are completely free of wires and piping.

The space created between the ground and the raised floor facilitates acoustic and thermal insulation.

Cotto d'Este offers solutions for the application of raised flooring in porcelain stoneware and in KERLITE laminated stoneware.


Download: Raised floors - Technical Manual

Raised floors: Photo 1
Raised floors: Photo 2
Raised floors: Photo 3
Raised floors: Photo 4
Raised floors: Photo 5
Raised floors: Photo 6
Raised floors: Photo 7
Raised floors: Photo 8
Raised floors: Photo 9
Raised floors: Photo 10
Raised floors: Photo 11
Raised floors: Photo 12

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