Tales of Tiles

Racconti di ceramica

Scenic, dream-like magical effects: the ceramic wall tiles that fascinate and surprise

Tales of Tiles: Photo 2

Never before has the ability to convey distinctive character and personality, inspire new narrations, evoke emotions, and transform places into worlds, been in such demand in interior design. This is how coverings that go beyond simple decoration are born, because they connote the space, defining sets that are the backdrop to the tale of each day, to evocative stories of which they themselves are an integral part.

A decorated wall therefore becomes a value choice: it furnishes, without being invasive, it creates backdrops that provide an unmistakable touch, and makes even the most hidden or forgotten spaces pleasant and original. To do this, ceramic is the perfect material, able to guarantee sophisticated and elegant aesthetic results, typical of wallpaper, while offering the characteristic strength and practicality of porcelain stoneware: an inert material that does not change over the years and is not subject to deterioration from the light or from cleaning products. Beauty, colour and lightness in ultra-thin 3.5mm slabs reinforced with fibreglass.

Wonderwall is the high-quality proposal, the culmination of aesthetic and technological research which enables Cotto d’Este to develop original and refined solutions, profoundly elegant.

Like Tales of Tiles - a visual, creative and memorable storytelling that valorises the collection’s elements of inspiration. A digital tale in which graphic animation and dream-like effects put on stage little tableaux-vivants in which the subjects are animated, charged with a narrative dimension, creating rooms for dreaming, rooms of wonder.

Tales of Tiles: Photo 3

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