Cotto d’Este innovatively reinterprets wallpaper with ultra-thin ceramic slabs

The world's thinnest slabs play a decorative role in the exclusive Wonderwall collection, the first ceramic wallpaper enhanced with new, fascinating subjects.


The careful aesthetic approach that has always characterized the brand is translated into sophisticated, technologically advanced processes with innovative surface effects. A continuous and meticulous pursuit of quality and innovation, combined with very careful product design, has resulted in outstanding products that are made of unique materials and boast extremely high-quality surfaces.

With Wonderwall, the brand is taking a completely unique approach by offering the most original designs for decorating rooms with a material that retains its characteristics of resistance, durability over time and great practicality. The large thin Kerlite slabs – the first in the world with a thickness of only 3.5 mm – become white canvases on which Cotto d’Este projects patterns and effects. Thanks to an extremely innovative printing technology, the company can give the images exceptional precision and a three-dimensional quality, exploring ceramic beauty and attention to detail through products with an authoritative and distinctive impact that can give rooms a sense of luxury, prestige and exclusivity.


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