The project

  • Location MILANO - ITALY
  • Date 2018
  • Studio Studio ACPV, Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel

The ACPV - Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel firm designed the new Fastweb Headquarters, a building that forms part of the ambitious Symbiosis project, a new business district characterized by majestic buildings constructed with a strong focus on ecological sustainability. Located between Corso Lodi and Via Ripamonti, a short distance from the Fondazione Prada, Symbiosis embodies a revolutionary and impressive renovation project over an area of 100,000 sq m.

Symbiosis is an innovative and energy-efficient urban renewal project. The masterplan re-imagines a fragment of Milan and gives the city and its inhabitants a public space with great livability and outstanding qualities.Beyond its architectural details, the urban project’s nature is expressed in the fluid, continuous and highly integrated elements of its buildings and public spaces. Like other buildings in the business district, the Fastweb project strengthens the links between work and city, between the role of a large company and the energy that its community can bring to the environment.


Photo credits: Leo Torri

Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 1

Product used

Cotto d’Este surfaces were chosen to cover the ventilated façades of the new Fastweb Headquarters, specifically 3.5mm-thick Argerot from the CLUNY Kerlite3Plus collection. The Cluny collection features the intensely mineral surface typical of Burgundy stone. Matt and tactile to the touch, the Cluny Argerot surface has a slight coating effect that makes it soft and captivating.

The collaboration with the Citterio-Viel firm – which has overseen other prestigious projects including the construction of Doha airport in 2015 – confirms once again Cotto d’Este’s ability to provide solutions dedicated to architecture, thanks to a high-quality, technologically and aesthetically advanced product and to a range of formats and thicknesses that guarantee a unique choice.

The Symbiosis project’s focus on environmental sustainability is another of Kerlite’s advantages. Indeed, thanks to its reduced use of raw materials, lower consumption of water and energy and lower CO2 emissions, Kerlite is a ceramic solution with a low environmental impact.

Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 3
cluny---argerot cluny---argerot


The sizes:

  • 39"x118"
Discover the collection


Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 5
Cluny - Argerot
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 6
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 7
Cluny - Argerot
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 8
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 9
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 10
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 11
Cluny - Argerot
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 12
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 13
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 14
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 15
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 16
Cluny - Argerot
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 17
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 18
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 19
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 20
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 21
Cluny - Argerot
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 22
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 23
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 24
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 25
Cluny - Argerot
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 26
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 27
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 28
Cluny - Argerot
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 29
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 30
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 31
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 32
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 33
Cluny - Argerot
Fastweb Headquarter: Photo 34

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